ICB Accessible Voting Survey

This form gives you a chance to tell the Illinois Council of the Blind (ICB) about your voting experience during the November 3, 2020 Elections or during any recent elections in which you voted. Please let us know either that you had no issues voting independently using accessible voting equipment, or if you did run into any issues, please explain in as much detail what happened. These will be gathered and submitted to the Illinois State Board of Elections along with a letter from ICB asking that they be addressed.

Filling out this form is NO SUBSTITUTE for contacting your local election authority (city or county) and letting them know what happened when you went to vote. Most of us are governed by a county election authority, however, larger cities such as Chicago, Rockford, Springfield and perhaps others have a city election authority that handles elections in those cities. We also want to hear any experiences, good or bad, that you had if you chose to early vote, or, if you chose to vote by mail.

Please also consider contacting Equip for Equality, as accessible voting is very much on their radar. You can reach them by telephone at 800-537-3632 (Voice) or 800-610-2779 (TTY). Or, send email to: Amy Peterson at Equip. Thank you in advance for helping ICB advocate for the continued right of all Illinois citizens, including those who are blind or visually impaired, to vote privately and independently. We fought to gain this independence through accessible equipment, we're not going back!

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