About ICB

Objectives of the Illinois Council of the Blind

  • To protect the rights and privileges of visually impaired Illinois citizens by monitoring legislation, agencies, and organizations that provide services for them.
  • To provide mutual encouragement and support through social interaction.
  • To provide public education about the nature and problems of blindness.
  • To help the general public understand and accept blind people.
  • To help parents of visually impaired children.
  • To inform visually impaired Illinois citizens on subjects that are vital to them through a magazine which they can read for themselves.
  • To explore special problem areas, including transportation, education, and the needs of the elderly blind.

The Illinois Council of the Blind is an affiliate of the American Council of the Blind.
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Conducting Business

The Illinois Council of the Blind meets in convention at least every other year. Here, activities of the Board of Directors and various committees are reported and acted upon. Resolutions are adopted, and elections held. Speakers and panel discussions deal with problems and subjects important to the membership.
Seminars are organized to bring information to the blind and visually impaired persons about leadership and effective organization, affiliate responsibility, new services and employment opportunities, and coping with everyday problems of blindness.

Throughout the year, affiliates meet locally to develop their own projects and programs, and to carry out the policies and programs of the Illinois Council of the Blind at the local level.